Sunday, April 12, 2009

Topic Proposal

In the Afrocentric class we have been discussing African American Vernacular English and how it is being used in many different types of resources. It is found to be used in digital spaces, composition studies, spoken at home and school, ect. We have also read journals written by scholarly writers and analyze their opinions on AAVE being used. Some African American scholars believe that AAVE shouldn't be used in classrooms and others believe that not only shouldn't it be used, but every individual should be taught to write and speak Standard English. Now that I have constructed essays on the previous topics listed above I will now create my own Multigenre Essay by first discussing my main theme/ thesis argument that I want to convey about AAVE and composition studies.

The theme that I have choosen to use for the project is how students should learn how if teachers allowed students to write and speak in AAVE how it can be very effective to their learning and how it is very important to know what standard English is. In my opinion this is very important to focus on this main topic, because I believe if students were able to make put this into action how it could effect them in the long run. Also, I believe this will give the readers an understanding in why some things should be apart of the classroom and how other things shouldn't.

There are four genres I am going to use to help prove this point. The first one I'm going to include is a editoral magazine feature. These genres would be made into a booklet so it can be easier access for studets to use if this is something that holds their interest. I think this will help the students visualize what is really going on and how using AAVE vs. Standard English can really change things in their future while using either or in the appropriate settings. Second, is creating a poem that is very detailed and is touching so the readers could actually understand what is going on in the real world when it comes to using AAVE. The third genre that I have will use is a recipe. I want the students to take in consideration what sterotypes are being used by African Americans and what it falls at today. Lastly, having a collage full with nothing, but African American heros, individuals that have made a difference in our lives today, the ones who has made history and without them things wouldn't be how it is at the present time. I think this will be a great genre, because I belive this is the most important piece of art. Without African Americans existing the world will be....

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  1. A few things:

    1) It seems that your target audience is teachers, right?

    2) What type of book will the whole project be?

    3) With a couple of your genres (the recipe and collage, it is unclear the relationship between AAVE students and SE, which is your theme. Might you explain these genres and the connections? I don't see them.

    4) Which sources that we've read influenced your theme and genre choices? You'll want to be sure to explain quotes, passages, and ideas from them with greater detail as you write your reflective essay.