Saturday, January 31, 2009

" From Ghetto Lady to Criticial Linguist " DW B

Analyzing Course Text

Quote: "Writing in two languages simultaneously demands enormous time and energy". - Geneva Smitherman pg. (62)

After reading this quote that Smitherman wrote within her text From Ghetto Lady to Critical Linguist it was something that I can relate to. In my opinion, this quote was self explanatory and wasn't difficult when it came to understanding the piece of writing. When we are writing in two different forms of languages it can take up lots of time. Translating one information that most would call Standard English to improper English it can become very difficult. These are some of the listed things that individuals will dispute on when making a sentence improper: double negatives, subject complements, split infinitives, prepostional standing, ect. When one is just writing something without having to worry about punctuation and grammar it wouldn't be as complicated unlike writing in the way that is accepted by many. Having to write in two different languages which means one is the correct form and the other the unsuitable way of writing. This relates to Smitherman quote by the time that is being developed by writing and the amount of energy that is used while constructing any type of writing. After reading this quote by Smitherman my literacy narrative didn't relate to hers. At the begining of my biography I didn't introduce the language I speak and were it orginated from. Something that I found that was in comparison of Geneva's was that I did use the code switching technique and how it was really helpful when it came to describing the situation in which I use a multiple of different Englishes. In short, the main argument that is being prevented from the quote is that there is no limits on converting one language to the other and while completing these tasks it takes lots of time and effort...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

"It Bees Dat Way Sometime" IAR

Invention, Arrangement, Revision Analysis

What is invention? (What activities did the writer have to engage in to create the text?)

-Constructing the Black dialects
-Doing research on how the language has change throughout the centuries
-comparing other Englishes
-Had to figure out how things sound when certain things are arranged in different order
-Listening to speakers such as an audience of others
-researching the linguistic environments
-Knowing the difference of Black and White English
-Learning about which words are used to give an expression to a sentence
-Comparing the community vs. one individual speaker
-the writers have to know how the black English's speak in any situation
-Information from James

What is being invented? (What ideas, practices, arguments, etc. are created by the text?)

-Why is the Black English is changing every day?
-What is the correct way to use language?
-Having influences on the speakers, bad image
-How can one come down to a conclusion of English itself

What is being arranged? (What is being put in relation to what?)

-pronouncing words
-deleting prepositions
-inserting other words
-consonant (ending and beginning)
-using slang words

What is being revised? (What is the writer trying to change (e.g. what ideas, practices, etc.))?

-The writer is trying to show the audience the things that's being presented from black Englishes
-Letting the readers know that the broken English's are very prohibited...
-that taking out prepositional phrases can make an entire sentence incomplete
-the present and future is in danger far as language, because it is worsen every century
-what used to be is no longer seen in today's history

What is revision? (What strategies are engaged specifically to help the writer achieve the revisions?)

-Looking back on the research and actually studing them to make the revision complete
-Reading documents from black and white Englishes
-having lots of data collected from the real life situations
-having information to back up the studies...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Multiple Englishes to Communicate / Developing Work a

Many people fail to realize what tasks are being completed while communicating with others in multiple situations. These situations could be through email, letters, texting, writing on face book, talking to a friend, etc. When one is conversing with another they might use two different kinds of jargon's to speak in a public vs. private environment. As I get older I acknowledge language in a different prospective and appreciate it more and more each day. Language can be very helpful especially when it can be presented in multiple ways to better an understanding of ones knowledge. I have notice, that the way I talk to individuals at Michigan State University, is totally different compared to talking at home with the family. One can tell a lot about a person in the way they presents themselves in talking amongst others...The way I speak defines my personality and the character that is found within myself.

Have you ever set back and distinguished the languages you have used throughout your life? If so this would probably take up an entire day right? lol. One might say that the way I talk to my professor is different from talking to my friends. Sometimes many students really mess up when talking to a professor. Imagine a student saying " What sup Professor? How you been bro? " Now this would be an inappropriate way to approach anyone in an academic discipline. When I begin to talk to a professor I always make sure I present my self in the most professional way. As I think about it talking to professors or even teachers can become very intimidating at times. Sometimes when the professors are talking I can never understand what they are trying to present to the students. The way they address us can become very frustrating, because who ever know what they're talking about. What really makes me irritated is that they can use simple words in replacement of those complicated words. However; I remember a time where the teacher was presenting her lecture to the class and I couldn't understand what they were talking about. I soon asked her if she can rephrase what she was saying. She soon said " Kierra this was a great questioned that you asked maybe students faces will look not so puzzled now."-unknown...Talking about the language I use at school can take up some excessive time. Now I will begin with the language I use at home.

Everyone has there own unique language they use to communicate with their family members at home. When I am at home I use a language that is very comfortable. I don't have to worry about feeling embarrassed around my peers, because now I can talk to my family and know that they accept me the way I am. I know my family wouldn't make fun me, because the way I speak and they are individuals who'll never talk me down. I have noticed that many times alot of my peers or friends will call me a country bumpkin, because I'm from little town Muskegon. Sometimes when I hear this comment made directed towards me I some what feel different from the others. I soon think about what they said and take it into consideration. Knowing that I am different and the way I talk makes me who the person I am today. God has made me this way and it makes me happy to know that he did. THANK YOU JESUS !

When we think about communicating with different languages the first thing that comes to mind is having a one on one conversation with another. Language doesn't only consists of verbal communication, but also reading and writing tasks. When I write at home I am always abbreviating something, because I don't feel like writing out the entire words. Now if I just happened to abbreviate my essays in college; I'll probably fail the course. If someone was to just happened to do something like this that will be ludicrous. When working towards in becoming a student at Michigan State University there was lots of writing exercises that had to be completed. I had to take the ACT and before doing this the reading had to be completed. In other words before writing anything the reading proportion of something has to be done. As I conducted my literacy autobiography about the different environments at home and school there were many opposing views. There is nothing like having a variety of languages to use in specific times...