Saturday, January 24, 2009

"It Bees Dat Way Sometime" IAR

Invention, Arrangement, Revision Analysis

What is invention? (What activities did the writer have to engage in to create the text?)

-Constructing the Black dialects
-Doing research on how the language has change throughout the centuries
-comparing other Englishes
-Had to figure out how things sound when certain things are arranged in different order
-Listening to speakers such as an audience of others
-researching the linguistic environments
-Knowing the difference of Black and White English
-Learning about which words are used to give an expression to a sentence
-Comparing the community vs. one individual speaker
-the writers have to know how the black English's speak in any situation
-Information from James

What is being invented? (What ideas, practices, arguments, etc. are created by the text?)

-Why is the Black English is changing every day?
-What is the correct way to use language?
-Having influences on the speakers, bad image
-How can one come down to a conclusion of English itself

What is being arranged? (What is being put in relation to what?)

-pronouncing words
-deleting prepositions
-inserting other words
-consonant (ending and beginning)
-using slang words

What is being revised? (What is the writer trying to change (e.g. what ideas, practices, etc.))?

-The writer is trying to show the audience the things that's being presented from black Englishes
-Letting the readers know that the broken English's are very prohibited...
-that taking out prepositional phrases can make an entire sentence incomplete
-the present and future is in danger far as language, because it is worsen every century
-what used to be is no longer seen in today's history

What is revision? (What strategies are engaged specifically to help the writer achieve the revisions?)

-Looking back on the research and actually studing them to make the revision complete
-Reading documents from black and white Englishes
-having lots of data collected from the real life situations
-having information to back up the studies...


  1. I noticed that you didn't include any responses for what is revision and what is being revised. Please add those. I'm interested in seeing what you came up with.

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