Monday, March 2, 2009

IAR on Paper 2

Analyzing the following reading by Invetion, Arrangment, and revision strategies.
Taking Black Technology Use Seriously: African American Discursive Traditions in the Digital Underground by, Adam Banks

What is invetion?

  • completing many researches
  • researching scholars
  • analyzing information
  • summarizing reading
  • discovering an argument
  • knowing what AAVE is
  • having research on AAVE
  • how AAVE is being used in digital spaces

What is being invented?

  • How AAVE can be used on websites and not others
  • The backgrounds of African Americans being represented in a better manner
  • AAVE and Standard English not the same

What is being arranged?

  • the "underground"
  • Online information having responses
  • different rhetoric features
  • internet being arranged to different things

What is being revised?

  • How AAVE is percieved online
  • how AAVE is changing many

What is being revised?

  • quoting linguist writers
  • work cited


  1. What is invention?
    Invention as a rhetorical strategy would be various methods for "finding all the available arguments" in a given situation. This is Aristotle's definition. Right?

  2. At first I was really confused on what I supposed to do the IAR strategies on. At first I thought it was paper 2 and then I was thinking one of the readings we read in class

  3. Hi Revvy Rev, I thought you were Professor Staci until I looked at the name...I have an ideal now...Thank you!

  4. Interesting comments. Let me chime in. Kierra, the IAR is on something we've read for unit 2. Revvy Rev, the ways that we discuss invention departs from the Aristotelian definition by looking both at the practices the writer engages in to create the text and also looking at the specific ideas that are being invented with in the text. You can check out this understanding of invention in Nancy DeJoy's _Process This: Undergraduate Writing in Composition Studies_ (Utah State UP, 2004).